Always something going on

because even nothing is something

Odd Little Blackfeather Baby
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Names: Northwind Gale, North, Artemis Ignitan, Artie

Personality: I'm a bit hyperactive and childish, but I can be mature if I want to, as well as deceptively nice. I do have a sadistic side to myself. I do keep to myself pretty often, but it's easier for me to be more myself on the internetz, so I'll probably be snitchy about actual identification info. I'd prefer to keep my actual identity hidden.

What to find: I originally just came here to roleplay and chat, thanks to some prodding of some friends at GaiaOnline, but recently, I got a scanner, which means odd sketches will find their way onto this journal. I'm also a fanfiction authoress (Artemis Ignitan on FF.net), so you'll probably see me post links to new chapters and stories when they come up. Anything else that catches my attention will also be rambled on. I guess this is a way for me to open up and be a bit more myself, and possibly rant.

I'm usually here roleplaying on the YGO Dressing Room. My journal's sidebar links list has a link leading to a pup list and a HMD post. Tell me how I'm doing! :D